Keynote Speaking/Training

Speaking Topics

  • Are Standing in the Way of Your Success? Creating “Success Energy”

  • Achieving Corporate Wellness Through Emotional Health

  • Emotionally Healthy Leadership- The Key to Successful Companies

  • Motivating your Team to High Performance

  • The Psychology of Success- Transforming your Mind for Greatness

  • Logical Engagement and Emotional Management

  • If You’re In The Driver’s Seat, Why Are You Lost? A Roadmap To An Amazing Life!

Virtual Training Programs 

GE immediately recognized the dire need for valuable guidance and training during these tumultuous times.  Because of the uniqueness of the crisis here in our country, our company has developed two specific programs that will address the needs of both of the pandemics that we are facing; health and race.  These virtual training programs were developed to meet the needs of clients and accommodate all virtual platforms.     

Keeping your Company 

Emotionally Healthy  During and After the Pandemic!


Unifying Divided Minds in Black and White- “REALL” Conversations that Matter!


Executive and Group Coaching 


Testimonials from Satisfied Executives 

Allow me to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your guidance and coaching on improving my public speaking capabilities skills.  I have applied your memorable and easy to apply techniques to every presentation since our training session, and what a difference it has made in my delivery. In this world of global complexity and organizational roller derby, leaving a positive notable impression with those you encounter is a means of survival in the corporate world.  You have shared an amazing invaluable survival package that I will use over and over again.  Thank you for driving me to a higher level of performance in everyday communication encounters.


Dan Cole, Southwest Area Vice President

Western Region Pitney Bowes Management Services

I appreciate Dr. Gladney’s experience and manner of coaching. Understanding the client is one way to relate to them, but helping the client understand themselves is the way to move toward change and growth! Thank you for all you did for me, I am looking forward while I put the past in its proper perspective!


Doniele Ayers Budget Manager for NI of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Montgomery Village, MD

My sessions with Dr Gladney have helped me develop a plan to advance my career. I was wanting to find a way to help myself move up in the organization but felt frustrated that I didn’t have a pathway to do so. She helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, position myself to highlight and promote my strengths, and develop a plan to showcase my highlights so I can be more marketable in my profession.


Robert Jordan- Manager at Cox Communications

Las Vegas, NV

My life will never be the same after taking these powerful coaching sessions from Dr. Gladney.  When I initially started, I had no idea how much my life would be changed for the better.  Dr. Gladney taught me how to challenge myself each day and how to accomplish the goals I set for my life.  I highly recommend these coaching sessions.  Dr. Gladney is a phenomenal emotional wellness coach and her teaching style will truly help you achieve any goal(s) you set for yourself.


Rachel Young

IT Manager, Department of Treasury- Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Thank you, Dr. Gladney, for some great coaching sessions!  You helped my family and I through some rough emotional times with your compassion and wisdom.  You have made an impact in numerous aspects of my life. Our sessions helped me develop a plan to achieve the success that I desire in life, both personally and professionally.   


Marty Rusunak

Regional Sales Manager, Houston, TX

If You're in the Driver's Seat...

Drivers Seat 6-24 (002).jpg

From break-ups and family conflicts to career stalls and unexpected losses, life has a way of throwing bumps in the road that can leave you feeling stressed and confused, and, worse, lost. But these obstacles don’t have to throw you off course for long. If You're In the Driver’s Seat, Why Are You Lost?, Dr. Lawana Gladney gives you the tools to chart your direction, leading you to the life you’ve always wanted.


Filled with real-life examples, practical steps, and effective solutions, this book is a roadmap that shows you how to create and achieve concrete goals, save money, improve relationships, build confidence, and become a happier, healthier person. Dr. Gladney serves as your personal coach, providing inspiration with ideas, easy strategies, and sound advice to help you cope with setbacks and navigate through both everyday and extraordinary challenges.


If You’re in the Driver’s Seat, Why Are You Lost? will help you minimize stress and negativity and get to the happiness that lies ahead.